CPC Case #4
Provided By: Yi-Ling Lin DDS, DMSc - 2010-05-12
Clinical History
A 25-year-old Caucasian woman was referred to an oral surgeon by her general dentist for evaluation of a unilocular radiolucency between teeth #26 and #27. The patient had no clinical symptoms and the teeth were stable and vital. However, the lesion had eroded a small area of cortical bone in the facial papilla region. Although no radio-opacity was noted in the radiograph, during the surgery, the surgeon described the content of the lesion as mixtures of soft and solid materials. 

Differential Diagnosis
* Odontogenic tumors
- Ameloblastoma, ameloblastic fibro-odontoma
- Odontogenic myxoma
- Odontogenic fibroma
Microscopic differential diagnosis
* Odontogenic myxoma with metaplastic bone (preferred final diagnosis)
* Odontogenic fibroma
* Fibro-osseous lesion with extensive myxoid change

Treatment & Prognosis
The patient did well postoperatively without evidence of recurrence after 2 years of observation.