CPC Case I
Provided By: Dr. Hope Wettan - 2011-05-18
Clinical History
34 year old male presents with 2.5 - 3 year history of growth on left posterior palate
S/P orthognathic surgery at 19 years old
GP performed curettage of palatal root of # 14 to treat presumed palatal abscess approximately 3 years ago
CBCT shows 2 cm X 1.5 cm lesion extending to floor of left maxillary sinus

Acinic Cell Adenocarcinoma

Clinical Features
Malignant tumor of salivary glands with serous acinar differentiation
Formerly referred to as acinic cell tumor due to usual low-grade behavior
Comprise approx. 6%-10% of all salivary gland cancers
Approximately 85% occur in parotid, comprising ~1%-3% of all parotid tumors
~9% occur in minor salivary glands, with buccal mucosa, lips, palate being most common sites
Seen in broad age range, mean age 44
Female:Male = 3:2
Usually presents as slow growing mass, often present for many months or years before dx
Often asymptomatic; facial nerve paralysis is infrequent but ominous sign in parotid tumors
Several histologic patterns, including solid, microcystic, papillary-cystic and follicular
Treatment & Prognosis
Treatment:  wide local excision with partial or total removal of involved gland
Adjunctive RT for uncontrolled local disease
~1/3 of pts. have local recurrence
~10%-15% develop metastatic disease
Prognosis for minor gland tumors is better than that for tumors of major glands